Frequently Asked Questions About Solar

How much does solar cost? Is solar free?

We get inquiries every day and the most common question is "How much does solar cost?" It is a good question. However, we cannot give an answer right off the cuff. Why? There are a lot of factors involved, such as shading from trees or other objects, the direction, condition and pitch of your roof, the main service panel size, how many kilowatt hours you use annually among many other factors. The best and only legitimate way to get an accurate solar proposal is to have a professional State Licensed solar consultant.

Contrary to what you may hear on social media or advertisements, solar is not free. There may be no money down options, but there will be a payment from whatever way you choose finance it. Generally this will save you between 20-40%+ from your current energy charges fro your utility. If paid by cash, there is only  interconnection fee for residential customers and for commercial there may be other fees such as demand charges and (NBC)  non-by passable charges. 

What is the warranty?

Unlike other solutions or providers that have separate warranties per component, you get one all-encompassing warranty with CertainTeed and Credentialed Master Installer, West Coast Green Electric . West Coast Green Electric is proud to offer you the strongest warranty in the solar industry.










All Backed by CertainTeed who has been in business since 1904!

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Will you install ground mounts and carport solar?

Absolutely! We love installing all types of solar.  In fact, we can install all steel carports whether they are for residential or commercial applications. We install on the ground on slopes and flat ground, wherever we can to make your property function right for you. 

What is better, to lease solar or own solar?

If you have the circumstance to own solar, than purchasing is the best choice. The circumstances are creditworthiness and if you able to take advantage of the tax credit. Our experienced State Licensed Solar Consultants can help you make that decision.

Leasing usually involves a 2.9% increase on the energy purchased each year, so you will always have an increase in the energy purchased. This option is still lower than your utility, however it costs more than purchasing in the long run. 

Where is your equipment made?

We have equipment made right here in California. We also carry a variety of other products that are made in Oregon, Canada, South Korea and Singapore.

Do you have no money down financing?

Yes we do. All of our financing has no money down options. We have PACE Funding along with other credit union and solar lenders ready to loan you money to go solar. We have the ability to qualify your for a loan and run a "soft credit check" with just your name, address, annual income and last four digits of your social security number.  Once this is done we can let you know how much you are qualified for and what rate and terms are available.