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LG Chem RESU with StoreEdge from SolarEdge

Battery Backups for Residential Homes

Battery Backup

Do you worry about what might happen in a power outage on your residential home? Worry no longer and get prepared! We are certified LG Chem Battery Backup system installers. Contact us today to find out what it will take to get you prepared for the next power outage.

LG Chem Battery Backup-9.8 Kw

LG Chem has had a long record of manufacturing batteries. These batteries have been in use in Hawaii and other parts of the world for many years. 

Does this mean I can back my whole house up?

Not necessarily. But when you get this battery installed, we install a separate sub panel and wire in your essential breakers. Your capacity is 9.8 kw. So you would have approximately 9,800 watt hours.  The way to calculate this is if you had an appliance that is 100 watts x 92 hours run time = 9,200 watt hours. We will have the capability to combine two 9.8kw batteries together in succession in the 2nd quarter of 2018. 

Does my solar work if the grid goes down when I have a battery backup?

Yes, if the sun is out you get about 5000 watt hours feeding into your essential breakers in the subpanel. As the sun sets, then your battery starts to kick in.