CertainTeed Solar Panel Data Sheets and Warranty

Looking for the most efficient and affordable solar solution? Look no further than CertainTeed's Solstice® solar system. With some of the highest efficiency panels on the market today, Solstice accelerates your return on investment, improving an already financially sound decision to go solar.

Features and Benefits

  • A wide range of options enable Solstice to be configured to best suit your needs:
    • Monocrystalline panels 
    • Black framed modules
    • Black or white backsheet
    • String or microinverters
  • High efficiency, cutting edge modules allow you to maximize your roof space
  • Mounting equipment has been specially selected to maintain the waterproof integrity of your roof
  • CertainTeed's most economical solar solution, facilitating maximum return on investment


The CertainTeed Solar Warranty is the Strongest Warranty on the Market. 


Would you put trust in a warranty form a company that has not been in business for at least as long as the warranty? CertainTeed has been in business since 1904, at least 114 years! This warranty is also self-insured by a controlled by a separate trust fund. What does this mean for you? The trust fund to be used to honor the CertainTeed 25 Year End to End Solar Panel Warranty. This truly is the Strongest Warranty on the Market!

Certainteed SolarWarranty (pdf)


CertainTeedCTSeries72CellSolarModuleTDS (pdf)


CertainTeedUSSeriesSolarModuleTDS (pdf)